3 Things Needed to Get Free Travel Entertainment (when using iPod Touch or Mobile Device)

Some things in life aren’t free, but in some cases they are! We live in a digital world. 1’s and 0’s are streaming across bandwidth to who knows where and what…We live in the era where free things come to those who seek them. The guilt of stealing is erased; now all you have to do is just finger several mouse clicks and that’s it – there’s no blood on your hands. Which makes travel entertainment a great thing for those travelers wanting to bring several movies with them while they are…well, traveling.


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For those folks looking to download Movies, Music, Audiobooks, etc., without paying for them, well you should focus your eyes on Torrentz – a site that indexes Torrents from other websites, which the user (you) will be able to download a torrent of anything that someone has made public and free, like a Movie DVD Rip. This is where you’ll be able to attain a good quality pirated film like Alice In Wonderland or a music album from Shakira.


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Is this application in which you will be obtaining these Torrents. BitTorrent will take the effort away from your computer, saving you headaches and tantrums while you wait for a miscellaneous window to pop up. See:

“BitTorrent protocol allows users to distribute large amounts of data without the heavy demands on their computers that would be needed for standard Internet hosting. A standard host’s servers can easily be brought to a halt if high levels of simultaneous data flow are reached. The protocol works as an alternative data distribution method that makes even small computers (e.g. mobile phones) with low bandwidth capable of participating in large data transfers.”


Leawo is the free downloadable software that can convert a video codec, e.g., AVI to an MP4, or to the many formats that are out there. This software is convenient for those outlaw travelers that just downloaded a movie and wish to watch it on their iPod Touch when traveling by plane to South America. Apple won’t notice the difference from the conversion – it’ll play like any legit video.

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  1. I also use Leawo for converting avi to mp3. It’s a great software, love it!