4 Famous Wishing wells you should Wish on

Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain wishing well in rome, italy

This is probably the most well-known fountain. Seen in movies and talked about in travel guides, blogs and friends that told you that it should be one of the things to visit while in Rome, Italy. This fountain receives over 3,000 euros daily; the money is used to help support a supermarket for the needy. The tossing of the coin in the fountain is o help with the safe journey back to Rome. So it’s best to wish your return when you’re about to leave the city. I mistakenly did it the first day arriving in Rome…does this mean I lost my wish?

Upwey Wishing Well
Upwey Wishing Well

In Dorset, England the Upwey Wishing Well has been a tourist trap for generations. It’s a calm and tranquil place to go for a day excursion. The gardens are beautifully regaled which adds a romantic touch to this English Country-side. There’s a  nearby thirteenth-century Church of St. Laurence so you can’t get really into the hanky-panky. The waters are also said to have healing properties. A detail description and how-to get to the wishing well: here

The Forbidden City
Qianqiu Pavillion wishing well

Not everything is forbidden in the Forbidden City in China. There inside those great walls, residing in the Qianqiu Pavillion is a wishing well where visitors can wish for love and prosperity.

Cinderella Wishing Well
cinderalla wishing well in disney world

Now for all you Disney fans out there this one should tingle your bell. Cinderella Wishing Well in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Florida is probably one of the most popular attractions in the entire park for lovers. There they can take their pictures and make a wish for the eternal love. If your wish doesn’t come true in the Happiest Place on Earth then I don’t know what to tell you.

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