4 Must-Eats & Drinks while visiting Key West

When you think of Key West you think of Palm fronds, sunshine, Hemingway (and his six-toe cats), and, of course, hurricanes. Below you’ll find a quick 4 Must-Eats and Drinks when you’re walking about the city pondering on Hemingway’s cats and “how the hell these houses are still up after a hurricane”….I know you’ve thought that…don’t lie.

Key Lime Pie

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What made the pie be the pie it is today is its special ingredient: the Key Lime. And you’ll find very quick who the originators and dominator of the delish dessert by the number of storefronts this giraffe has. It is a must-eat dessert that even comes as a chocolate covered Popsicle.


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If you’re not a seafood enthusiasts then I’m not sure what you’re doing in Key West, just joshing, there are very good meat and veggie places on the Keys but this blurb is not for you so get out here. For you seafood peeps out there, you will want to eat the seafood there: the fried shrimp and conch, the oysters and shrimp (let’s hope the oil disaster doesn’t bring a halt to those yummy guys), and the various fish that one can indulge in. Take it from these guys about the best seafood in the Keys.

Sloppy Joe’s

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While you’re pondering on Hemingway’s cats and how Papa lived in the Keys, then you must go to Sloppy Joe’s, where its said the writer spent his days drinking away at this bar. Go in for some inspiration. A good time to visit is during Fantasy Fest (many crowds of drunk folk getting naked and throwing beads). There is some debate on which is the actual bar that the author visited: Capitan Tony’s or Sloppy Joe’s (this is what wiki says) – they are near one another – so be like Hemingway make it a movable feast!…yeah, I didn’t laugh either.

Pepe’s Cafe

image by David July
“Very good bloody Mary’s and fresh squeezed OJ for screwdrivers,” is what one reviewer said about the oldest bar in town. Pepe’s Cafe was established 1909 and pretty much nothing has changed. The sign is the same and the same building still stands. A good place to visit when nursing a righteous hang-over. Mornings will have lines of people so bring extra Tylenol for when you wait.

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