5 Best Countries to Get Laid in (Guys)

Granted, not all travel is about visiting museums, absorbing culture, learning a language, some of it (most of it for most men) has a lot to do with the, “Am I going to get lucky if I visit _____.”

Yes, you are right to say men are pigs. But that’s how they think. Always with the controlling, ever-domineering little head. So let’s just crush this travel list for the men that wish to know their chances of having sex when visiting these 5 guaranteed countries.

Disclaimer: You’re chances will greatly be higher if you hire an escort or spend a night with a prostitute, but what’s the fun in that…you can do that when you’re home.

Mexican Grettel Valdex, Country to get laid in Mexico

What’s sexier than tacitos and culitos (that’s butt in Spanish)? Meet the hot latinas from just across the border, our #1 country, Mexico. Well, Mexico’s government handed out 700,000 sex education papers to students about prevention, abortion and which positions are best for climatic purposes. Also, you have to remember that Mexico get pretty rowdy with college kids ready to get drunk and get laid during spring break.

You’re chances of picking up a hot sun-kissed Latina or an American college girl spending her daddy’s money is around 78%, add the national drink to the mix, Tequila, and you’ll be seeing 92% of getting some travel sex.

Places to hook up:
Cancun bars: Senor Frogs, Daddy ‚ÄėO and Coco Bongo.
Acapulco disco: Palladium; bar: Baby Lobster Bar and Thai Bar (hot girl alert).
Cabo San Lucas disco: Squid Roe, The Zoo and Mango deck.
Puerto Vallarta: The Zoo (another Zoo) and El Hilo for hot Mexican nights.
Tijuana: Senor Frogs, Mundo Cafe or Safaris.

Carmen Soo, Malaysia, country to get laid in

On the outside they look like a prudish group but in actuality there’s a teeming heap of sex-nergy stuff going on in Malaysia. Case in point: Malaysia’s Minister of Health was forced to resign after his homemade sex videos were released in 2008. Also, the schools actually had a debate to determine if sex education was an appropriate subject to be taught to high school kids. These people are a mercurial bunch which makes the sex rating a bit tricky.

Yes, they like their sex but you’ll never know it because they are extra conservative and not at all sexually liberated; though if you do snag one (which I’m guessing will take a few drinks and a few nights) then get ready to get drained of your energy and (not to be subtle about it) cum. We’re saying a 71% sex lucky.

Places to hook up:
Kuala Lumpur, bars and clubs: Aloha, Poppy Bar or the Rum Jungle.


Sara Varone, Italian Model, Country to have sex in

Italy is known for their yummy food, breath-taking scenery, national monuments and steaming pile of sex. “But the Pope lives there! How can they do that,” you ask? Well, the Pope is in his own country completely detached from the¬†debaucherous wine-induced, lustful nights of Rome.

A recent poll found that 32% Italian over the age of 60 had sex regularly. Though it’s undetermined if the elders are going at it 24/7 or weekly. But one thing is certain that even if they do pass their sexual prime there is no stopping a horny Italian. So guys, dress to impress because you never know you might be hooking up with a hot cougar during your trips there! Percentage: 81%

Hook up places:
Florence Disco + Bar: Red Garter, Moyo
Milan Dicso: Propaganda, The Shocking Club
Rome Bar: Drunken Ship


maggie wrobel poland, country to have sex in

Ok let me just sum it up for you in a few words so you can determine for yourself to see if Poland is a country where you will probably get laid.

*cough* Ahem: World-record Gangbang (two girls getting it on with half of Poland), Politician Sex scandal, annual Eroticon festival (sex toy + goody expo).

Just go, you’ll get lucky. Percentage: 93%

Places to hook up:
Warsaw disco: Organza, Zoo.
Krakow disco + bar: Cien Klub, Frantic, Goraczka Freak Club

irina shayk, Russian, Country to get laid in

Hot girls + cold weather = pretty cold Russian babies. Seriously though, you’ll find a mess of hot looking woman that in a great desire to get all warm and snug with a tourist in Russia. Be sure to build your tolerance with Vodka, because if you’re stumbling around like a fool you’re chances of getting laid will drop significantly. Percentage: 79%

Places to hook up:
Moscow bar + clubs: The Hungry Duck, Night Flight, Propaganda.


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