6 Necessary Things You’ll Need to Bring with You When traveling to the Amazon

Enormous insects, man-eating animals, healing and poisonous plants, monster like fish are just a few things one can find when traveling into the Amazon. Yes! the aforementioned may sound a bit scary but for me “the not scary” might just be a bit dull. For most people the Amazon might not be listed on their bucket-list but for the brave ones out there you’ll experience a place unlike any other you have visited.

Some things you’ll need while roughing it in the Amazon, a so to speak “Survival List”

1. Malaria pills
It might be unlikely that you’ll be bitten by a mosquito carrying the infection but to prevent is to have a comfortable journey. It’ll clear your mind every time you swallow the pills. Be sure to take the correct Malaria pills according to the territory you’ll be visiting – Malaria has grown resistant in certain areas and some pills may not work. View the Malaria pills needed for each country.

2. Insect repellent / Cortisone
Malaria might not be something you’ll pick up while visiting the lush and vast Amazon, but be certain that you’ll be bit and bit and bit by mosquitos. So you’re going to want to load up on some DEET or you can try natural insect repellent. And don’t forget the cortisone…because like I said before you’ll be bit; probably when you get out of the river (which happened to me) and the water washed away your repellent and then the bugs came. Not a pretty sight.

3. Flashlights – cranked
It gets dark there. Black. But the sky is lit up which is an awesome sight. And if you don’t have night-vision you’ll likely end up walking into a spider-web or impaling yourself by a broken branch. The best thing to prevent these unfortunate accidents is to buy a crank flashlight. Or you might consider carrying a few extra batteries for a battery flashlight but please make sure you don’t dispose your old batteries in the forest, and even a better idea is to use rechargeable batteries; they might more expensive but they will save you money in the long run as well as the environment.

4. First-Aid
You’ll get hurt. Probably bloody if you are accident prone like me. So buy a good first-aid kit that carries band-aids, antiseptic, wrapping, etc. Better to have than to need.

5. Sun Block
It gets hot there. Scorching. So block up with a high SPF.

6. Wellington Boots
These are very handy. You’ll likely be confronted with mud. Mud that is knee high deep. So get those rubber boots they are needed! And a side note: I bought my Wellingtons Stateside for 60 bucks expecting the price will match the quality but I was wrong they were worthless. So the day before entering the jungle I bought a $7 pair of rubber boots that were fantastic — I still have them in my closet for future trips.

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