7 Overlooked Perks to Life in London

Swinging London has a ton to offer, especially with the upcoming Olympics, and the Queen’s Silver Jubilee—but you already know that they are going to be great. Then there is the ever-present incredible history, culture, and architecture—but you have heard all of that before. Here are a few less obvious benefits of a trip to fancy Londontown, which may be worth the cost of plane tickets alone:

Year-round Cadbury Cream Eggs

What to eat in London | Food in London | Cadbury Eggs
“But Easter is over,” you protest. Not here, my friend! The sugary deliciousness that is this delightful confection is available all year round. Step into any corner store, and it’s like the Eastern Bunny just made a delivery. And the people rejoice!

Bacon Sandwiches

What to eat in London | Food in London | Bacon Sandwich
(Are you detecting a food theme here?) Sure bacon can be found among egg and cheese in a breakfast sandwich, or atop turkey in a club sandwich, but in the U.K. it’s totally appropriate for this glorious meat to stand alone as the main pièce de résistance in a sandwich—and not just during breakie time. Oh the decadence!

Teeny Tiny Pre-Mixed Drinks

Things to drink in London | Things in London
Mixed drinks at pubs are pre-measured, so don’t expect any heavy-handed bartenders, but with the convenience of pre-mixed drinks like Pimms and lemonade and gin and tonic available at most supermarkets, it’s easy to plan a cheap and convenient on-the-go pre-game session.

Cheap Airlines

Cheap Flights in London | Things in London
Everyone loves to cry about how terribly expensive London is, but Ryan Air and Easy Jet are little gifts from the money-saving gods, I tell you! You can get dirt-cheap flights (I’m talking flights that cost less that £1, which—with tax—comes out to less than £15) all over Europe and even northern Africa. Money saving tip: If you’re booking a round trip from London, consider booking the return separately—you’ll pay that leg in the local currency and thereby avoid the dreaded GBP conversion rate.

Yorkshire Pudding and the Sunday Roast

yorkshire puddings | Things to Eat in London

(Last food-centric point—promise!) The Sunday Roast is a British institution not to be missed. On Sundays (duh), you can find a special roast menu at most pubs and restaurants. The roast is made up of roasted veggies, and usually chicken, lamb, or beef, and the always-delightful Yorkshire Pudding, which is sort of a doughy pastry-like, shell—oh never mind that description, just try it yourself. You’ll adore it.

Free Museums

Things to do in London | To Do in London
Top, world-renowned museums are all free, baring special exhibits. Need I say more? Go right now!

Awesome Vocab

Vocab in London | Things you'll hear | London slang
With a Starbucks on every corner, teens decked out in H&M, and Beyonce blaring out of every storefront, London can sometimes feel a little too familiar. There’s nothing like hearing “British” to remind you that you are indeed, very far from home. Favorites include “cheers,” “bloody,” “brilliant,” “taking the piss” (teasing) or “innit” (“isn’t it”—used at the end of a sentence to obtain agreement). Sadly, hearing “Cherrio, old chap,” is not likely



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